Meet the Members

Duke and Duchess - VCDL crop.png

I was ambushed by a central vac back in ’12. Almost lost a leg. Remember that day, Dutchess?   -Duke

Like it was yesterday. Those were dark times Duke. Dark times.  -Dutchess

Duke and Dutchess

Penny - VCDL crop
Penny, Interior Designer

Thor Michaelson is definitely the candidate we need. He fights for all of us. Even us shorties.


Jax - VCDL crop
Jax, Barrista

I ate an entire dust buster once. Bag and all. I’ll do it again if I have to.


Kallie - VCDL crop
Kallie, ASL Interpreter

I’m worried about what they do to the air quality inside. I’ve heard you can get polyps if you’re around them too long.



Chloe - VCDL crop
Chloe, W. Wash Pro-Hackysack, Trainer/League Cap.

No one needs floors that clean. That’s nuts.


Sasha - VCDL crop
Sasha, Poultry Inspector

Of course I’m voting Thor! Did you see how he went after that Dyson? He’s a fighter for sure.


Prim - VCDL crop
Prim, Sound Technician

Oh I am definitely going to kill that thing. Yes.


Ayla, Swim Instructor

I caught my people vacuuming the drapes the other day. I mean, is that kind of terror really necessary?



Roxie - VCDL crop
Roxie, Master Gardener

Thor’s the man to get this done, I tell you. He’s definitely got my vote. I’ve already registered.


Daisy, Norse Mythology Expert

Bagnarök is upon us. This is the doings of that dastardly Dirt Devil, I just know it.