Meet the Members

Molly - VCDL crop
Molly, High Jump Champion (2014-present)

I’ve known Thor for a long time. He’s a solid candidate and a good runner. Plus, the speed with which he loses his sh*t around vacuums is amazing. Truly inspiring.


Rocket - VCDL crop
Rocket, Drummer

I’ve heard that if you pee directly into the bag compartment, your humans will eventually have to give it away because of the smell.


Brutus- VCDL crop
Brutus, Biology Teacher

I watched a shop vac drink up all the water in the bird fountain. I didn’t know they could do that. It was terrible. Those poor thirsty birds.


Dotty - VCDL crop
Dotty, Structural Engineer

I have discovered it’s lair and will attempt another covert assassination this evening. In the event I am unsuccessful, I will bark at it incessantly for six hours.

You’re welcome.


Simon - VCDL crop
Simon, Neighborhood Crime Prevention

I also hate Bob Henderson’s lawnmower.


dolce - VCDL crop
Dulce, Gourmand

It wouldn’t have been so bad if I’d been able to taste some of the quinoa after it spilled but the vacuum cleaner is always so Johnny-on-the-spot. If I can get into its cupboard, I plan to disembowel it.


Buffy- VCDL crop
Buffy, Crossing Guard

Vacuum cleaners are only half the problem. I think we need to start looking into those ceiling fans as well. Those are sketchy as all get-out.


Liv - - VCDL crop
Liv, Motivational Speaker

If we come together and vote for Thor, we will surely defeat these-OMG DID IT JUST MOVE? I thought I saw it move.


Daisy - VCDL crop
Daisy, Fiber Artist

I’m worried about that weed whacker too. I tried to bite it the other day and it bit me back. I am not okay with that.


William - VCDL crop
William, Colonial Reenactor

Everyone likes clean floors but they never think of the lasting damage these things can inflict on a dog’s psyche. Not to mention their teeth! It’s a shame.