Thor Michaelson: Surgery Update


Here he is, trying to pretend it doesn’t hurt.

Hey Folks! Tiffany here. I’m Sorry to say that our fearless leader, Thor Michaelson, has been under the weather lately. He’s been running after too many vacuum cleaners and as such, has blown out his knee. We know he’s hurting because he no longer wants to get up when he hears kitchen-noises. The fact that he can’t accompany anyone to the refrigerator anymore just makes it heartbreaking.

We have him scheduled for TPLO surgery and I will keep you updated as to his recovery. In the meantime, if you find yourself in a generous mood today, we are still accepting donations because new dog knees are not cheap. (They are, in fact, wicked expensive. )

Here’s a link to the GoFundMe page:

Thank you to everyone who has donated and to all VCDL members everywhere for continuing to fight the good fight. No dog (or any loved one regardless of species) should have to suffer needlessly.

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